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Richard Desautels
Richard Desautels 5.0
Bonnie Fleming
Bonnie Fleming 5.0

Kevin was personable, knowledgeable and friendly.

Clara Roberts
Clara Roberts 1.0

Extremely disappointed! I had a furnace issue in my late brother's house and I am from out of province, not knowing who I could TRUST to call. I searched Google for the highest rated company. That's when I contacted FOX. Jarred came out to look at the ...furnace. I also had a plumber from FOX here, and a crew of other workers in the house that day. Lots going on... Jarred took the furnace cover off, poked around for awhile. After sometime, he called me down to the furnace area and said he had some not so good news. The furnace was shutting down due to a safety issue. It cannot be fixed. Jarred shut the furnace down by shutting off the gas and electrical, saying it wasn't safe to run. I need a new furnace, he said. I agreed to meet a salesperson or estimator, Jennifer, for a quote. She arrived shortly after, almost as if she was on standby for another new furnace sale. $8900.00 for a new furnace. They could do the job very soon... While Jarred was telling me about the furnace, another worker in the house heard him. When this worker had the opportunity, he advised me to get a 2nd opinion. He had a bad experience with Fox. Shortly after Jarred left, I turned on the A/C. It was discovered that water was coming out under the furnace. I called Jarred back. He told me that the A/C unit was on its way out. I took this other worker's advice and called Service Plus as suggested by someone else. Their service tech came out to look at the furnace and A/C unit. Here's what he found that FOX did not: a burnt wire in the furnace, it needed a service cleaning, a new furnace filter since it was dirty and not a good quality filter. He replaced the burnt wire, furnace filter and gave it a good cleaning. He ran all the safety tests and reported that it is in good running order. Yes, it is 30 yrs old, but it does not need replacement, and neither does the A/C unit. For the cost of a service call, the furnace and A/C are both running good. I had no issues with the FOX plumber. He came, he repaired. Although, I did ask for an estimate on a plain jane toilet, it was ridiculously high at over 1200.00 installed. I said, cut that in half and I might do it! When Michelle from Fox called for a follow up on the service call with Jarred, I stated that I was very unhappy, disappointed, after getting a second opinion. I said I would pay the 99.00 service call fee and then I never want to hear from FOX again. She apologized and said she would follow up with my concerns with Jarred and others. She said I would not be charged the 99.00 service call fee. I'm disappointed with FOX and Jarred because first of all, Jarred made no attempt to repair. Maybe he thought this was a good opportunity to rip someone off that is in a vulnerable situation in dealing with a passed family's estate, I don't know, but they sure came in like vultures. I'm disappointed with FOX in their darn 5 star reviews. They won't leave you alone with continuous phone calls to get that 5 stars. It's extremely annoying! I Do Not recommend FOX. They are out to replace, not repair.Read More...

Nicole Tourangeau
Nicole Tourangeau 1.0

Really disappointed with services from Fox. For one issue, I got a quote and proceeded to be bombarded with phone calls to sell me on the product-approximately fifteen phone calls and they still continue to call. I find they are aggressive in their sales ...approach and don’t leave the homeowner time to decide for themselves regarding services. On a second issue, I called regarding one issue as I had a leak in the ceiling and the technician proceeded to have a look at my AC outside and let my tenants know it was dangerous. I followed up with a check up (that I had to pay for) and was basically told I needed a new ac unit. I then asked if I could fix whatever was wrong with the ac and they said there was no gaurantee it would not break (note that the ac unit was running fine and under ten years old). I proceeded to receive upwards of ten phone calls trying to book a time to give me a quote for a new ac. I had a separate company come in to do a second look and they reviewed the “diagnostic issues” that fox had claimed and then looked over my entire system and confirmed that nothing was wrong with the unit. Really dissapointed with aggressive sales approach and straight up not being honest about the services that were required or not required. Will not be returning. Plenty of other honest and reputable companies in town where you don’t have to feel pressured!Read More...

Judith Downes
Judith Downes 5.0

Everyone is very helpful. Their Annual Service Partner Plan is very good and saves money.

Terry Linge
Terry Linge 5.0

Excellent work and advice for different services that I’ll look into.

Jennifer Persello - TNA Treasurer
Jennifer Persello - TNA Treasurer 5.0

Kevin was very friendly and knowledgeable, giving us lots of options!

Joe Stewart
Joe Stewart 4.0

The Fox crew were very helpful and they did a great job. I would use Fox and sons again, if the need arose.

Steve Torsky
Steve Torsky 5.0
HusKey Hag
HusKey Hag 5.0

Chase replaced my water heater today. He was very professional, knowledgeable and demonstrated the operation of the new system thoroughly. He is certainly an asset to Fox Plumbing and represented them well.

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