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Tankless Water Heater

Spring Tankless Inventory Clear Out!

We are your Vernon, Kamloops, and surrounding area’s tankless water heater experts!

Say good-bye to cold showers. For a limited time Save $1000 on a tankless water heater.

Only 2 Remaining
  • Your Teenager took a 45 Minute Shower,
  • You Ran The Dishwasher, 
  • Did Four Loads of Laundry, 

And There Is Still Hot Water For You.

How is This Possible?
The Greatest Invention the Tankless Water Heater!

Comfort, Safety, Savings ~ Now that’s something to get excited about!

A tankless water heater gives you endless, on‑demand hot

water plus these benefits:

✅ Up to 34% more efficient than a conventional water heater

✅ Longer lifespan than a conventional water heater

✅ Compact size

✅ Virtually maintenance free

✅ Don’t forget to ask about any available rebates.

Fox will help you select from a variety of tankless systems to meet the needs of your budget and your kid’s 45 minute showers. 

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