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Things to Consider When Selecting Smart LED Christmas Lights

Smart LED Christmas Lights, Colour Changing Lights, Architectural Lighting, Outdoor Lighting, Smart Lights, LED Lights

Hanging Christmas lights on your home or business can add holiday cheer and will brighten the whole neighbourhood!

Smart LED Christmas Lights, Colour Changing Lights, Architectural Lighting, Outdoor Lighting, Smart Lights, LED Lights

Outdoor LED Smart lights use less energy and will save you money compared to traditional holiday lights. Choosing smart LED lights gives you more control over your outdoor lighting. You can also take it a step further with colour-changing lights for an even more festive lighting effect. After the holidays have passed, program your lights to support and celebrate birthdays, your favourite school, and sports team, the possibilities are endless!

When exploring options for outdoor architectural lighting for your home, it’s important to know what to look for. Taking the following into consideration will help you select the best smart lights for your home or business.

Permanent Christmas LED Lights with Colour Changing Animations

Purchasing permanent outdoor colour-changing LED lights is a good investment to make for your home. Architectural Lighting is permanently installed, and you won’t have to spend any more time on a ladder hanging holiday lights and taking them down annually.

Outdoor colour-changing lights are a fun way to decorate your home’s exterior for the holidays, birthdays, and game days. Find out if the lights change to multiple colours or can add animations. These features can add a visually striking effect to your home or business.

Fade, sway, and wave will add an elegant holiday feel or exciting colourful display when your favourite team scores!

Outdoor Rating

When choosing outdoor LED Christmas lights, make sure they are rated and designed for outdoor use. Your Architectural Lighting needs to be able to handle all kinds of weather conditions and temperatures without the risk of damage.

Convenient Control

Smart LED Christmas lights installed by Fox Plumbing Heating Cooling Electrical allow you to control them from your smartphone or tablet with just a touch. You can turn your lighting on and off whenever from wherever you want!


How do outdoor colour-changing LED lights work? These lights have three diodes in each bulb, including red, green, and blue. These RBG diodes can generate different light colours, including warm white and cool white tones, along with many other colours. In addition to Christmas, you can use your lights for Valentine’s Day, birthdays, Halloween, graduations, and much more.

Energy Efficient

LED bulbs use less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs. Since they use less energy, you can have your Christmas lights on for longer periods without running up your energy bills. This helps ensure that you get more use out of your LED lighting. Architectural Lighting by Fox has a longer life span that helps you make the most of your LED outdoor lighting solution. Schedule your FREE Quote today.

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